C. Configuration Management

12. The Design Manager Is responsible for the overall coordination and deployment of quality solution designs for services and processes. Which of the following are NOT responsibilities included In this role?

B. Produce quality, secure and resilient designs for new or improved services, technology architecture, processes or measurement systems that meet all the agreed current and future IT requirements of the organization

13. Of which ITIL process are Reliability, Serviceability and Maintainability components?

D. Availability Management

14. Which of the following statements is true about Access Management?

D. All of above

15. What aspects would you not expect to see in a Service Level report designed for C. Configuration Management the customer?

A. The average utilization level of the Service Desk

16. Availability Management is responsible for availability of?

A. Services and Resources

17. What is the difference between a process and a project?

A. A process is continuous and has no end date, whereas a project has a finite lifespan.

18. Which of the following is the correct set of steps for the Continual Service improvement (CSI) Model?

D. What is the vision?; Where are we now?; Where do we want to be?; How do we get there?; Did we get there?; How do we keep the momentum going?

19. What is the meaning of C. Configuration Management the term Serviceability?

C. The degree to which the provision of IT services can be supported by maintenance contracts

20. A user reports a PC problem to the Service Desk. A Service Desk representative determines that the PC is defective and indicates that according to the services catalogue, the PC will be replaced within three hours. Which ITIL process is responsible for having this user's PC replaced within three hours?

B. Change Management

21. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

C. The KEDB and the CMS form part of the larger SKMS

22. Information is regularly exchanged between Problem Management and Change C. Configuration Management Management. What information is this?

B. RFCs resulting from Known Errors

23. Which form of outsourcing provides domain based business expertise?

C. Knowledge Process Outsourcing

24. Where are activities documented with the aim of improving an IT service?

B. Service Improvement Program

Changes are divided into categories.

What criterion defines a category for a change?

A. The consequences of the change such as limited, substantial, significant, etc.

In IT Service Continuity Management various precautionary measures are taken, for example using an emergency power provision.

Which of the following ITIL processes could also initiate this kind of measure?

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